Remote Alarm Systems 

infocustech medical alarm system


Remote Alarms for all applications

pulse ox alarm

  Hear our unique remote alarm tone.

NEW!  Are constant nuisance alarms causing your staff to become immune to legitimate critical alarms? The DPX-I inline time delay is the answer. 


Adding cost effective Remote Alarm capability to your equipment alarms is as easy as 1-2-3 

  1. An audible alarm is generated, our limited range noise sensor hears the alarm.
  2. A time delay device absorbs nuisance alarms for an adjustable period.
  3. When that time period is reached a signal is sent to the remote lamp - buzzer.


InFocusTech has been providing external remote alarm solutions for over 20 years. Our system equipment can interface any audible alarm device including; ventilators, pulse ox, monitors, and IV devices. In addition to our alarm noise sensing technology we also have the ability to capture nurse call outputs from medical devices so equipped. All of our products are simple to install and are routinely maintained by Respiratory techs, Clinical Engineering (Bio Med), Nursing, Maintenance and Engineering staff. The simple plug and play nature of our equipment allows a cost effective swap out program for keeping systems in top running order.

For facility's that prefer a built in hard wired system we offer unlimited technical support to your in house or sub contracted personnel for a trouble free installation.


Download a copy of our catalog here; Remote-Alarm-Systems-Catalog.pdf